Nfts to Users


This guide will help you Airdrop NFTs to Users on Loopring. You will need to provide specific information to the Input file.


Completing the airdrop will involve fees from both Loopring and Maize.

Requirements πŸ“‹


Start NFTs to Users

Under the Airdrops Section on the Maize Menu, click NFTs to Users.

Enter Airdrop Information

In the Input file, found in the provided directory, place your NFT Data, NFT Amount to Transfer, Wallet Address to Transfer to, Memo. Be sure to include commas inbetween each.

Input directory

  • You will have one instance on each line.

Example: Input File

Further Information:

NFT DataUnique identifier of the NFT you want to airdrop0x266047b1b8fd705e74f8649e7967d310aab8926f2a79963309328e5eadbe5f8c
NFT Amount to TransferAmount of the NFT to send1
Wallet Address to Transfer towallet/ENS address of the NFT reciever0x37ea02537f3a7a7ffc221125245905be3d5423e6
Memoa message to send with your transactionI used Maize to send this airdrop!

Select Your Fees

  • For your Loopring Fee you can select between ETH or LRC.
  • For your Maize Fee you can select from ETH, LRC, and PEPE

The Maize Fee is 0.001 USD per transaction converted to the selected currency.

Fee Selection

  • Click Next to check the data in your Input file.

Pay Activation Fee

If an address in your file does not have an active Loopring account you have the option to pay its activation fee. This will still be one transaction but the Loopring fee will be higher.

  • Select the checkbox to pay the activation fee or leave it unchecked to not include these transfers.

Activation Fee

  • Click Preview to view a summary of the Airdrop before it begins.

Airdrop Overview

Here you will see your relevant asset balances, how many NFTs will be airdropped to how many different wallets, and the fee estimation.

Input File

  • Review the provided information, and if everything appears correct, click Start to initiate the airdrop.

Open the Output File

  • Once the application finishes, you can find your file in the provided directory.
  • Open the file in excel/google docs or your favorite text editor. I use Notepad++ (opens in a new tab) but for a more structured approach use excel/google.

Image 1
Image 2

Data Retrieved

The Output File will provide the wallet/ens address of those that were sent their NFTs, those that were not sent their NFTs, and the Fees that occured.

You can validate this information on under the transaction tabs.


You have successfully airdropped NFTs to Users on Loopring!