🌽 Download Maize

Download Maize


This guide will help you download Maize to your computer.

Requirements πŸ“‹

  • Working Windows or Mac computer.


Download the latest release

Extract the Downloaded File

The folder is now in your File Explorer > Downloads. Find the folder, Right click it, and Extract All....

Find the Maize Folder

Click into the win-x64 folder until you find the Maize folder.

Maize Folder

Store the Folder

Inside the Maize folder are all the goodies you need to run the application. Copy and Paste this folder somewhere accessible.

I place mine in my things folder on my desktop.

Maize Desktop

Clean Up

You no longer need the two folders ( and win-x64) in your Downloads directory. Feel free to delete these to free up some space.


You have successfully downloaded Maize!


After downloading the Release, it is reporting unsafe

This project is open source and can be reviewed if needed. To get past this press Keep under the download.

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