Holders from NFT Data

Holders from NFT Data


This guide will help you find relevant information about the holders of given NFTs. This information consists of two files, NftHolderFromNftData and NftHoldersAndTotals. More Info

Requirements πŸ“‹


Start Holders from NFT Data

Under the Lookups Section on the Maize Menu, click Holders from NFT Data.

Enter in NFT data

In the Input file, found in the provided directory, place your NFT data. You will have one NFT Data on each line.

Image 1
Image 2

After entering in the NFT Data and saving, click Find

Open the Output File

  • Once the application finishes, you can find your files in the provided directory.
  • Open the file in excel/google docs or your favorite text editor. I use Notepad++ (opens in a new tab) but for a more structured approach use excel/google.

Image 1
Image 2

Data Retrieved


nftDataUnique identifier of the NFT0x266047b1b8fd705e74f8649e7967d310aab8926f2a79963309328e5eadbe5f8c
nameName of the NFTFrankenLoops HD #1
nftOwnerwallet address of the owner0x37ea02537f3a7a7ffc221125245905be3d5423e6
ownerAmountOwnedamount owned of this NFT by owner1


ownerwallet address of the NFT owner0x37ea02537f3a7a7ffc221125245905be3d5423e6
totalamount of NFTs owned of all given NFTs1

Use NFT holders to perform airdrops.


You have successfully found NFT Holders from NFT data!