NFT Info from a Wallet

Nft Info from a Wallet


This guide will help you find relevant information about the NFTs in a wallet. This information consists of the NFT Name, NFT Data, NFT Id, Minter, and Token Address. More Info

Requirements πŸ“‹


Start NFT Info from a Wallet

Under the Lookups Section on the Maize Menu, click NFT Info from a Wallet.

Enter the Address

  • In the Wallet Address/ENS textbox, enter in the wallet address or ENS.
  • Click Find


Open the Output File

  • Once the application finishes, you can find your file in the provided directory.
  • Open the file in excel/google docs or your favorite text editor. I use Notepad++ (opens in a new tab) but for a more structured approach use excel/google.

Image 1
Image 2

Data Retrieved

nameName of the NFTLoopQuest F2P NFT
nftDataUnique identifier of the NFT0x272079ed71c192a4dea2dc429891b26083559ae24d413599fecd82efd799436d
nftIdUnique identifier of the NFT0xcfd9a7ae82698da0da065befb2b39f3bfe3eca509febdb9da865fafd4d98e543
minterNFT Minter wallet address0x6fc60be0cce2730b78ad29d732d823866c07baa0
tokenAddressNFT collection address0x02008a82eb4eeee1110789904245c029541a09f6

Use NFT data to find NFT holders and perform airdrops.


You have successfully found NFT information from a wallet!