NFT Info from Collection

Nft Info from Collection


This guide will help you find relevant information about the NFTs from a collection. This information consists of the NFT Name, NFT Description, NFT Data, NFT Id, Minter, Token Address, and NFT Properties. More Info

Requirements πŸ“‹

  • Maize downloaded and setup
  • A collection address
    • Possibly the collection's minter address and an NFT Id


Start NFT Info from Collection

Under the Lookups Section on the Maize Menu, click NFT Info from Collection.

Input the Collection Address

  • Populate the 'Collection Address' textbox with the correct address.
  • Click the Find button.

Enter Collection Address

If you're neither the minter nor an owner of any NFT from the collection, you'll need to provide supplementary details:

  • Input both the minter's address and an NFT Id from the collection.
  • After providing the necessary data, press 'Find'. The app will take a moment to process your request.

Enter Collection Address

Open the Output File

  • Once the application finishes, you can find your file in the provided directory.
  • Open the file in excel/google docs or your favorite text editor. I use Notepad++ (opens in a new tab) but for a more structured approach use excel/google.

Image 1
Image 2

Data Retrieved

nameName of the NFTMaize Destroyer
descriptionDescription of the NFTShort Destroyers' Maize collaboration piece.
nftDataUnique identifier of the NFT0x245d09d6f696c72063051fa84b2a75af3a68cad587c1ccf1d160133603a421bf
nftIdUnique identifier of the NFT0xa6dbea3cc027e7418395ab91cc84a0d8b28a4eb15b82e3cfe9c459e6636d4d10
minterNFT Minter wallet address0x6458CC5902D4F9e466B599E220D1663C4718625A
tokenAddressNFT collection address0x17212854ad2c5dcce2f359480c16f0f1f2bca518
propertiesNFT's properties"Function":"Collaboration piece","Artist":"Short Destroyers","Twitter":"@shortdestroyers"

Use NFT data to find NFT holders and perform airdrops.


You have successfully found NFT information from a collection!