Refresh Collection

Refresh Collection


This guide outlines the steps to refresh your collection's metadata on Loopring. This process can be particularly useful when an NFT isn't displayed in your wallet or on an explorer.


Note: Refreshing might help if your NFT isn't showing as expected.

Requirements πŸ“‹

  • Maize Software: Make sure it's downloaded and setup correctly.
  • Collection Address: Ensure you have the collection address corresponding to at least one of your NFTs.


Initiate Refresh Collection

Navigate to the Metadata Section within the Maize Menu. Here, you'll find the Refresh Collection option. Click on it to start.

Input the Collection Address

  • Populate the 'Collection Address' textbox with the correct address.
  • Click the Find button.

Input Collection Address

If you're neither the minter nor an owner of any NFT from the collection, you'll need to provide supplementary details:

  • Input both the minter's address and an NFT Id from the collection.
  • After providing the necessary data, press 'Find'. The app will take a moment to process your request.

Provide Additional Info

Review the Result

Upon completion, the application will automatically open the generated file. Review its content to ensure everything is as intended. Changes to your NFT could take up to a day but my reflect in minuets.

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Congratulations! πŸŽ‰

You have successfully refreshed your collections metadata. Well done!