Upload to Infura

Upload to Infura


This tutorial walks you through the steps to pin your metadata and/or media files to Infura. By following this, you'll also set up your Infura account. Pinning increases the visibility of your NFTs across various platforms.


Tip: Distributing and pinning your NFT's information in multiple locations enhances its accessibility and reliability.

Requirements πŸ“‹


Retrieve your Infura API Keys

First, log in to your Infura account (opens in a new tab).

  • Click the orange 'CREATE NEW API KEY' button. API Key Creation
  • In the subsequent modal, choose IPFS, title your project, then select 'CREATE'. API Key Details
  • Infura will ask for credit card details, given the potential to exceed the 5 GB free tier. Once entered, press 'CREATE API KEY'. Your API Key and Secret Key will be visible within your new project. Make a note of them for upcoming steps.

Initiate Upload to Infura

Navigate to the Metadata Section within the Maize Menu. Here, you'll find the Upload to Infura option. Click on it to start.

Embed your Keys

The 'Infurasettings.json' file will pop open. Insert your API Key in place of 'Your_Infura_Api_Key', and your Secret Key for 'Your_Infura_Secret_Key'. Make sure to save the file afterward.
Infura Settings

Note: This step is a one-time process. If you need to alter your keys in the future, you'll find the file in the 'Input\Environment' directory.

Enter Metadata CIDs

In the provided large textbox, insert your metadata CIDs. Ensure you place each CID on a separate line. Input Collection Address

Selection for Upload

  • Determine your upload preference: choose either 'Upload Metadata', 'Upload Media Files', or both.

  • Once decided, click Start to initiate the process. The app will take a moment to process your request. Input Collection Address

    Review the Result

Once the process completes, the application will auto-launch the generated file for your review. Thoroughly examine its content for accuracy. Furthermore, confirm directly within Infura that your files have successfully uploaded.

Review Output File

Congratulations! πŸŽ‰

You have successfully upload your files to Infura. Well done!