Crypto Airdrop Input File

Crypto Airdrop Input File


This guide will help you format an Input file for a crypto airdrop. This works best for airdrops with the same amount of crypto to many users.


Feel free to edit the file after creation or combine multiple files together.

Requirements πŸ“‹

  • Maize Software: Make sure it's downloaded and setup correctly.
  • Recipient Details: This includes both wallet addresses and/or ENS addresses.
  • Transfer Details: Specify the transfer amount and any accompanying memo or note.


Initiate Crypto Airdrop Input File

Navigate to the Scripting Section within the Maize Menu. Here, you'll find the Crypto Airdrop Input File option. Click on it to start.

Enter Recipient Details

Inside the large textbox, input both wallet and ENS addresses. Ensure each address occupies its own line.

Input addresses

Enter Transfer Details

  • In the second textbox, specify the amount you intend to transfer to each wallet.
  • In the final textbox, input the memo or note you wish to accompany each transfer.

Input Transfer Information

Initiate the Creation

Once you're confident with the entered data, click on 'Create'. Allow the application some time to process and complete its task.

Review the Result

Upon completion, the application will automatically open the generated file. Review its content to ensure everything is as intended. You can now use this file for your crypto airdrop.

Input Transfer Information

Congratulations! πŸŽ‰

You have successfully crafted an Input file for your NFT airdrop. Well done!