πŸ¦„ Setup Maize

Setup Maize


This guide will help you setup Maize and connect to Loopring. There are two networks to configure your wallet to: Ethereum Mainnet and Ethereum Testnet (Goerli).

Requirements πŸ“‹


Open Maize

  • Open Maize after downloading
  • Click the 'Create Account' button.

Maize executable

Connect wallet to Loopring

Visit Loopring (opens in a new tab) and connect your wallet. Be sure to be connected to the Ethereum Mainnet.

Find Loopring Information


Warning: Protect Your API Keys!

Protect your API keys. They grant sensitive access. Keep them confidential and avoid sharing them publicly, including in screenshots or code samples.

  • Under Avatar > Security click Export Account and sign the transaction to view your Loopring information.

Export Account

  • Copy this information and paste it into Maize.

Additional Information

Maize Account Password

  • Enter in a password for enhanced security.


  • To make sure the setup is successful, select your wallet and enter in your password to log in.

  • click βœ”οΈ


If you see the Maize Menu with all of its functionalities then you have successfully setup Maize on the Ethereum Mainnet!

To setup Maize on the Ethereum Testnet (Goerli), follow the same steps but be sure to connect to Goerli in your wallet.


Windows protected your PC

When first launching the application you might run into the screen 'Windows protected your PC'. To get past this click More Info > Run anyway.